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New Entrepreneurial Learning

1 Million Cups Organizer Summit

We invest to foster a learning community of entrepreneurs, providing people with ideas the connections, tools, and support needed to be successful, like launching a revamped Kauffman FastTrac and expanding 1 Million Cups to more markets and demographics.

Programs & Initiatives

1 Million Cups

Based on the notion that entrepreneurs discover solutions and engage with their communities over a million cups of coffee, the Kauffman Foundation developed 1 Million Cups in 2012 – a free program designed to educate, engage, and inspire entrepreneurs around the country. Through the power of volunteers, 1 Million Cups has grown to 169 communities.

Kauffman FastTrac

Kauffman FastTrac is an interactive course designed to support entrepreneurs as they start a business and begin their journey to success. The immersive course offers information, tips, exercises, and tools to help makers, doers, and dreamers develop their business ideas.

Kauffman Entrepreneurs is a comprehensive source of information, tools, and resources that helps aspiring entrepreneurs start businesses, create wealth, and employ people. The platform features in-depth content, guides, and videos to help entrepreneurs, business mentors, policymakers, investors, and educators through each phase of the entrepreneurial journey.