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Beyond School

after-school programs

Helping students living in historically disinvested zip codes achieve success through our investments outside of school, such as after-school, STEM programming, and targeted programs to stimulate supportive learning environments for youth.

Programs & Initiatives

After-school and Summer Enrichment Programs

We award grants to nonprofit organizations that offer after-school and summer enrichment programs for Kansas City’s underserved youth. An emphasis is placed on programs that serve students in the urban core, kindergarten through high school. These programs – offering a variety of tutoring, mentoring, and academic-enrichment activities beyond the normal school day – provide a channel of funding for projects typically considered to be outside the scope of the Foundation’s work in education and entrepreneurship.

Since 2013, approximately 25,000 youth have been served by this initiative.

KC STEM Alliance

KC STEM Alliance is a collaborative network of educators, business partners, and organizations that inspires interest in science, technology, engineering, and math careers to generate a robust workforce of related professionals for our community.

Photo: KC STEM Alliance