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Mayors Conference

The Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship

The 2020 Mayors Conference is going virtual!
September 17-18

Given the still unfolding pandemic, this year’s conference will look different than it ever has before. Not only will we be discussing new and relevant content, we’ll be exploring a different way to connect.

Virtual collaboration is nothing new in the modern world, but because we understand the incredibly important call to action that we’re all faced with now, we must approach a virtual convening with clear goals and a hunger for change.

What is the Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship?

The Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship is not a conference built around keynote speakers and endless slide decks. It is built and run with the spirit of collaboration. There are no lectures on what the mayors could do better; instead the Mayors Conference provides the space for mayors to discuss metrics, innovative policies, and ways to take action.